Clients include Burton-on-Trent Town Council, Lichfield City Council, private landowners.

Competes and regularly placed in local hedgelaying competitions.

Derbyshire Bullock
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The stakes are placed behind the midline of the roots. Pleachers are woven firmly around the stakes to keep the pleachers in place. the brush up to 36 inches thick is kept on the far side of the hedge.

Staffordshire Bullock
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The staking takes a line just behind the rooots. The pleachers are woven through the stakes, but the ends are twisted around one another, and woven between the stakes as "heathering". The hedge is cut flat on the top, with a straight back, thickness up to 18 inches.

Midland Bullock
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Pleachers are laid on top of one another to build hedge. The stakes are driven in towards the front of the hedge, being about 18 inches apart. The brush is laid off towards the back of the hedge. The bindings are woven below the level of the brush which is clipped to nin inches above. There is a full thick back to the hedge.

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